Holding the Light

Stephanie Bartholomew: The Grief Secretary Part 2 (Long After the Funeral)

August 15, 2022 Monica and Colby Charette Season 1 Episode 7
Holding the Light
Stephanie Bartholomew: The Grief Secretary Part 2 (Long After the Funeral)
Show Notes

Supporting a grieving friend who has lost a child doesn't, and shouldn't end. Ever. Because you don't "get over" it, or move on.  It is a lifelong journey. Which is why we're continuing our conversation in Part 2 of The Grief Secretary, with Dr. Stephanie Barthlolomew. Join us, as we discuss how grief changes the months and  years after loss, and how the ways you support a family can too. We acknowledge that everyone grieves and supports differently. Our hope is that by sharing our experience, you find something that helps you care for a friend, long after the funeral is over.

We wish to express our love and gratitude to the many people who have carried us thus far. Everyone deserves a grief secretary.     

Show Note: Maine Angel Moms Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/440927923822597

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